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Why us

A vast amount of misinformation surrounds the new compliance standards in Ontario and the rules are changing. That’s where YESS comes in. YESS knows the industry. YESS wants you to understand your individual producer responsibility (IPR) program and how you can integrate it into your business. We want you to be satisfied with the service and solutions tailored to fit your needs and budget provided by our “PRO” as you navigate the IPR requirements.  YESS will do its job by ensuring your business meets or exceeds its obligations.

What we do

YESS will provide you with the services your company needs to meet its environmental compliance requirements. YESS encompasses collection/hauling, processing and reporting, enabling you to focus on what you do best. In fact, our overall assessment of your organization will provide you with a comprehensive quotation based on service and efficiency.

How we do it

With years of experience around regulations and compliance, YESS knows how important the new framework of the compliance regulation process can be for your company. YESS takes away the stress by assessing your individual needs and requirements, then offering you an efficient and effective solution. YESS takes care of reporting, offers management of a full circular economy producer program and helps you meet all your individual producer responsibility requirements.

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YESS Producer Information
yess environmental services and solutions asses your needs
yess environmental services and solutions asses your needs
yess environmental services and solutions asses your needs

Our Clients

Find a tire collector near you.

Looking for used tire disposal? Find a registered collector from our network. They will take your old tires for free and turn them into innovative recycled rubber products – with no tire disposal fee. Just drop off up to four of your old tires at any registered collection site during their normal business hours.

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Choose a tire Hauler near you.

Are you a registered collector looking for a hauler? See our list below for haulers and choose one in your area.

FAY FARMS | 905-834-9266
SP TIRE | 416-819-1393
R&E TIRE | 613-398-7451
RETIRE YOUR TIRE | 705-349-8139
BK Wheel & Tire | 519-944-0107
MSM Recyclers | 226-344-0625

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