Who is YESS?

YESS is a niche full-service Producer Responsibility Organization, “PRO”.  YESS will help you navigate the current tire regulations when it comes to meeting your company’s compliance levels based on historical data that RPRA releases to you each year. YESS then is contracted to collect and process scrap tires in Ontario to meet our Customers targets by tire type and weight.

Can you explain the new tire stewardship system?

In the past, you may have been registered with OTS and paid OTS a fee for every tire you put into the market, or you may be a new producer under the new program.

Under OTS is was their responsibility to meet government-approved targets. Under the new system it places that responsibility directly on the individual producer – tire manufacturers, equipment manufacturers and first importers – YOU! It is up to each producer as to how they meet these regulations – in this case, which company you will hire to help you meet your obligation annually.  YESS wants to be that company for you!

Am I a producer?

If you are a brand holder, first importer, equipment manufacturer, e-retailer or marketer of a tire or vehicle, you are a producer. For absolute certainty, please contact RPRA.

What is my responsibility as a producer?

You must first register with RPRA. Your target for Compliance will be issued. You must then establish a collection network, collect tires and ensure these tires are properly recycled. You must also report annually to RPRA.

YESS can help you do ALL that.

What happens if I import from Quebec?

If you import tires from Quebec you are considered a producer. You will be responsible for those tires. YESS is setting up a network of haulers and processors to help you meet your responsibilities.

What if my vendor is out of province and says they will be a producer?

Your vendor should register with RPRA. Regardless, you remain legally responsible for the collection and recycling of tires.

What is the benefit of hiring YESS?

You are in the business of selling tires and/or products that include tires. We are in the business of collecting, hauling, and processing scrap tires. Hiring YESS means you can focus on your business, while being fiscally responsible under the tire regulations.

Do I need to set up a collection network and actually process tires to be compliant?

Yes and no. You are responsible for meeting the rules laid out by RPRA, including setting up a collection network. The good news is you can hire YESS to take care of this for you.

Who will charge me fees?

YESS will not charge you a fee per tire. Instead, YESS will charge you based on your legal obligation – nothing more, nothing less. If you buy tires from another producer in Ontario, they may pass the fees from their PRO on to you.

How will YESS charge me?

Once you and RPRA have determined what your collection target is – i.e the category of tires you handle and their weight, YESS will multiple this by how much it costs to recycle a kilogram or tonne of tires in those tire classes.

What will YESS use these fees for?

The fees will be used to pay YESS’s collection network, including haulers, and processors. It also includes the cost for YESS to complete the performance audit that we submit on our producers behalf each year.